Westside Boogie Teams Up with Eminem, Announces Third Album Under Shady Records

Westside Boogie Teams Up with Eminem, Announces Third Album Under Shady Records

Westside Boogie, the Compton-born artist signed under Eminem's Shady Records, recently shared thrilling news with his fans. The rapper seized the opportunity of Eminem's visit to Hollywood during Dr. Dre's Walk of Fame Induction party to meet with the legendary artist. Boogie took to social media to announce his next big move: he's working on his third studio album, set to be released under Shady Records.

In a recent Instagram post, Boogie shared a snapshot with Eminem from the star-studded event, hinting at the exciting collaboration to come. This announcement comes as a delightful surprise to fans who have been eagerly anticipating new music from the West Coast artist.

Boogie's journey with Shady Records began with the release of his debut studio album, "Everythings for Sale," in 2019. The album made waves in the industry, peaking at No. 28 on the prestigious Billboard 200 chart and reaching No. 18 on the US Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart. With its introspective lyrics and captivating beats, "Everythings for Sale" solidified Boogie as a force to be reckoned with in the rap scene.

Following the success of his debut, Boogie continued to showcase his artistic growth with his sophomore album, "More Black Superheroes," released in 2022. Although it didn't chart as high as his debut, the album demonstrated Boogie's evolution as an artist, blending introspective storytelling with intricate lyricism.

Now, with the announcement of his third album under Shady Records, fans are eagerly anticipating the next chapter of Boogie's musical journey. With Eminem's mentorship and collaboration, there's no doubt that Boogie's upcoming project will be nothing short of extraordinary.

Stay tuned as Westside Boogie prepares to deliver another masterpiece, continuing to captivate audiences with his raw talent and compelling storytelling. The rap world awaits the next chapter in the saga of this rising star signed under one of the most iconic labels in hip-hop history.


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